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Post by Admin on Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:03 pm

Hey guys.
I've been working on the subgroups in the forum. Wanted everyone's opinion on it.

I have three groups so far: Administrator, Moderator, and Oldbies.
Admin is the only one in the Administrator group, and I'd like to keep that to a very small minimum (if we get larger later on, we can add more people to it).
Moderator, I have no one in right now. Originally I wanted to add everyone who was an older member to it, but it seems silly to have so many people as Mods. So I created Oldbies, which I have everyone as a part of, since we're all old as dirt (and have been here for a while).

I'd like to make groups for every main RP thread, since we have a lot of them, just in case we start branching out and inviting more people in and stuff like that.
So, I'd like yous guyses opinion on this.
Are you okay with everyone being an Oldbie instead of a Mod? Is there someone in particular you want to be a Mod? Let me know!

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